Tawtnuk explained

(tɔːt) + (nʊk), taut + nook

In the Sahaptin language, spoken by native tribes of the northwestern plateau along the Columbia River and its tributaries, the word "tawtnuk" means medicine.

At Tawtnuk Wellness Institute, we believe medicine is more than pills and is acquired by doing more than obtaining a bottle. To the ancestors of Yakima, Colville, Lower Cowlitz, and Grand Ronde tribes tawtnuk/medicine was the influence of your environment, the presence of others and wildlife, and anything that nourished your whole-self; lifted your spirits.

Our job is to make you better as a whole being, to truly enjoy this gift of life our Creator has given us. Originally focused on Native wellness programs and facilities designed to improve the health and wellness of Native communities throughout the US, Tawtnuk Wellness Institute has grown to fulfill the holistic wellness of all communities by converting health clubs, gyms, and fitness centers to wellness facilities.

With over 80 years of combined experience in and around the wellness industry, Tawtnuk Wellness Institute is applying its expertise to safely open facilities where members of the community can safely gather, workout, and become well.

Orien Fiander, Owner and CEO of Tawtnuk Wellness Institute, is committed to finding opportunities for those working on improving their health and wellness, by allowing individuals with a doctors note to have access to fully equipped, safe, and clean wellness facilities/

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